Save money, weight or temperature on the design of inductive components

Recently, we hosted a webinar on how to optimize the design of inductive components. Based on 50 years of experience, we demonstrated how you can save money, weight or temperature, when designing inductive components. And lucky for you who missed the live webinar, we saved a replay of it, which you can find below.

Within 30 minutes, we’ll show you:

How you can create a specification that reduces errors

How can you save money, weight or temperature on your design

Materials that may reduce your total costs

Still not convinced about whether you want to see the webinar?

Well, then check out the exciting agenda:

Benefit from a detailed specification in the long run

The right design will save you money, weight or temperature

Are you sure that you use the right materials?

Fine-tune your process with four pieces of advice

Are you looking for a supplier or a dedicated partner?

At Kohsel, we consider ourselves to be more than a supplier. We are a dedicated partner that helps customers like you develop their businesses. By working closely together, we design customized transformer, choke and filter solutions optimized for your needs.