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Personal information

Personal information is all kind of information, which can be attributed to you to some extent. When you use, we collect and process various informations of that kind. This can happen via a regular approach of content, e.g. if you sign up for our newsletter, or if you send us a message on the contact-page.


We have implemented technical and organizational measurements to ensure that your information will not accidentally or illegally be deleted, published, lost, impaired or is available for unauthorized people, abused, or in any way processed in contradiction with the privacy regulations.

Your data is located on a Danish ISO safety certified webhotel. Furthermore, we have protected the website with the following measurements:

  •      Operation monitoring 24 hours a day
  •      Daily backup that are saved for 30 days
  •      Anti hacking software for the website and store page. Both are scanned for malware on a weekly basis
  •      The access to the website and any data is monitored and after five failed attempts a suspension can be implemented
  •      Audit log for who/what/when changes has been made on the site
  •      Continuous updates of the software of the site, in order to minimize hacking
  •      SSL certificate on the website so it runs https


Terms of storage
Information is stored in the period of time that is legally allowed, and the information is deleted when deemed unnecessary. The periods of time can vary, as the period of time is dependant on the kind of information and the reason behind the storage. Therefore it is not possible to state a general time period for when the information is deleted.


Transfer of information
Transfer of Personal information, such as name and e-mail, will only take place, if you give a written consent of a transfer. We only use data processors within the EU, and there is a data processing agreement in place with every data processors.


Insights and complaints
You can get the personal information processed on our website, which is your right. Furthermore, you can at any time protest that information is used. You can also withdraw your consent that your information is processed. If your processed information are wrong, you can choose to have said information corrected or erased. Inquiries regarding this are directed to:
If you want to file a complaint about the way we process your personal information, you are also able to contact the Danish Agency for Data Processing.


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