Power-to-X converters

From green energy to green fuel

To achieve an electrified world, the industry requires solutions that maximize energy efficiency from renewable sources when capacity is high and converts it into firm clean energy for use when capacity is low. That requires high efficiency power conversion with low harmonic distortion while ensuring global scalability and cost-effectiveness.

The right balance of temperature, size, and price

Integrating inductive reactors to keep the harmonic distortion to a minimum is a must. But finding the right balance of temperature, size, and price can be difficult. We are ready to use our extensive knowledge from the wind turbine industry, as well as our experienced engineers, to design the cost-efficient inductors for your power-to-X converters.

We are all about optimisation

At Kohsel, we combine technology, supply chain management and manufacturing knowhow in solutions that reduce cost at every step of your value chain and optimise performance through innovative and reliable technology. It’s this ability to optimise and reduce the total cost of ownership for our customers that sets us apart.

Some of our products

Liquid cooled grid reactor

Grid reactors from Kohsel are used in power-to-X converters. The reactor ensures that the alternating current fed into the grid exhibits a sinusoidal waveform.

Common mode reactor

The common mode reactor blocks high frequency noise while allowing the low-frequency signal to pass. Common mode reactors with nanocrystalline cores have a high attenuation over a wide frequency range, offering an extreme broadband attenuation.

About us.

Kohsel ensures high quality through a constant focus on safety, cutting-edge production methods and training. Final control focuses especially on the critical tolerances that are important for the customer.

External reactors, chokes and filters

Line reactors

Reduce low frequency interference (harmonics) and relieve the strain on the grid network by compensating for the distortion reactive power induced.

Harmonic filters

Reduce current harmonics (THDi) to comply with the limit values required under the standards. This protects the connected grid network from circuit feedback and increases the system immunity from interference. Our LCL filters are specially designed to reduce harmonics of current absorbed by the rectifiers in the input converter.

Motor chokes

Reduce the voltage rise and the voltage spikes between the conductors which become more pronounced as cable length increases.

dV/dt filters

Protect motors against high voltage increases and voltage peaks at the motor terminal.

Sinus filters

Effectively protect the motor insulation and reduce supplementary losses and noise emissions from the motor. All-pole sine filters also enable the use of unshielded motor lines.

Our certificates

Kohsel is committed to providing customers with the highest-quality products, but also aspires to the highest standards of social responsibility and ethical conduct. Our core values support a strong commitment to economic, environmental and socially sustainable development.

Our knowledge in the renewable sector has enabled Kohsel to develop many solutions for today’s demanding applications – projects which call for low losses and high efficiency combined with high energy densities and compact size.