Finding cost-efficient alternatives

Balancing all of the inductive components’ properties in a single application isn’t easy.

Ensuring that everything fits together, isn’t too hot to function properly, and maintains a high technical fidelity and quality, all the while keeping the price from sky-rocketing, is just a little harder than it sounds. But to take that design and find ways to make it more cost-effective requires a whole lot of technical expertise that comes only with years of industry experience.

Yet our skilled team of engineers routinely help our clients find ways to cut costs.


“4% saved annually on 40,000 components 28,000€ saved each year”

Just like the time we found a way to save 4% on a DC link choke.

A new client of ours came to us to help them redesign their DC link choke with the goal of reducing costs without sacrificing performance whatsoever.

When the project arrived in front of our engineers, they quickly zeroed in on the  grain-oriented lamination. Producing grain-oriented electrical steel is more expensive with large fluctuations in price than non-oriented steel. But it fares better when working in a restricted space.

However, space was not an issue for this particular application.

That’s why we designed a new DC link choke with a 20 mm taller stack height than the original. By using more space, we could downgrade the quality of the lamination to non-oriented, saving considerably in the process.

While we did increase the size and weight of the inductive component, holistically speaking, we didn’t make it so that the changes negatively affected other parts.

By doing so, we fulfilled the client’s goal of reducing the cost for their components, resulting in 4% saved annually on 40,000 components 28,000€ saved each year.

We are all about optimisation

At Kohsel, we combine technology, supply chain management and manufacturing knowhow in solutions that reduce cost at every step of your value chain and optimise performance through innovative and reliable technology. It’s this ability to optimise and reduce the total cost of ownership for our customers that sets us apart.