Our Process

Our proven process is the key to unlock your full business potential.


We always quote based on your requirements, EAU, MOQ, etc.
In this phase, we are critical, ask questions and suggest alternative solutions and materials.

Your potential

Our wide experience and dedicated engineers secure that you get optimal inductive solutions.


We specify your inductive component and contra-specify your specification with regard to UL, EN, etc. We also prepare 3D modeling on request and determine vacuum potting, varnish, etc.

Your potential

Benefit from optimum design, superior performance, reduced thermal loss, reduced weight, and minimized production material costs.


Upon approval of quotation and specification, we put forward prototypes and prepare test result documents for First Article Inspection.

Your potential

Our fast track from specification to prototyping means that you quickly get to examine sizes and dimensions and test your inductive component in real life.

1 - 2 Weeks
3-4 Weeks


When you have tested your prototype, we adjust and clear your final specification and determine your optimum packaging solution etc.

Your potential

Together, we ensure that all your needs and specifications are met before the inductive component is approved and ready for production.


We select production site, check alternative raw materials, prepare PPAP and Certificate of Compliance (COC), and test the manufacturing process in a 0-series.

Your potential

You are ensured a documented and flawless production process and flow to secure your future deliveries.

Mass Production

We incorporate your forecast monitoring, delivery time, buffer min/max or VMI and manufacture the 1st series production.

Your potential

Power your full potential with optimal supply performance, minimum need for monitoring and control, the ability to adjust to real-time needs and ongoing optimization.


Every day, we strive to unleash the full potential in inductive design. Through our proven process, dedicated engineering and close collaboration, we detect untapped savings and optimisation potential throughout your entire value chain.