Refrigerated shipping containers

Leading supplier since 1975

Refrigerated reefer makes it possible to transport food across the world, avoid food loss and doing it all with a very low energy costs.

Since 1975 Kohsel has been a leading supplier of transformers and chokes to the refrigerated reefer industry. Our extensive knowledge and constant strive to find the optimum solution in terms of efficiency, cost, compact design and maximum output makes us a preferred partner within the industry.

Kohsel’s maintenance-free transformers and long-life chokes are highly suitable for reefer containers. Today more than 1 million reefer containers around the world are equipped with Kohsel transformers and chokes.

Auxiliary transformer

The auxiliary transformers provide the auxiliary power supply for installations inside the control box of the refrigerated reefer.

DC choke

DC chokes inside the frequency converter for the compressor in the refrigerated reefer.


The main purpose of varnish is to increase dielectric strength, reduce winding noise, improve heat transfer, reduce partial discharge and increase environmental protection.

Every day, we strive to unleash the full potential in inductive design. Through our proven process, dedicated engineering and close collaboration, we detect untapped savings and optimization potential throughout your entire value chain.