The next generation of power electronics – within renewable energy

The next generation of power electronics within renewable energy – with Stig Munk-Nielsen from Aalborg University

 The use of renewable energy is critical to reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change. At this talk, you will learn about the latest devices used in power electronics and how they can increase the energy output of wind turbines. Morten Kohsel will together with Stig Munk-Nielsen discuss how these devices can make wind turbines more efficient and how they can be used to extract more energy from the wind.

Length: 16:05

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About the experts

Morten Kohsel

Morten Kohsel

— Host

Morten Kohsel has more than 50 years of experience as owner and director for Kohsel A/S transforming the company from a 4-employee setup to a global company with more than 600 employees and multiple international locations. For more than 10 years Morten has been chairman of Business Skanderborg working to strengthen the local business community.

Stig Munk-nielsen AAU

Stig Munk-Nielsen

— Expert

Stig Munk-Nielsen is professor MSO at the department of Energy Technology at Aalborg University. Stig Munk-Nielsen is a leading expert with decades of experience within the power electronics industry.

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