Navigating from Asia to Europe: Challenges and opportunities in the global supply chain

With Anders Oldenborg Kristensen, Director, Product Sea Freight, at DSV Denmark

At this talk we will cover a range of topics including the evolution of sea freight rates, what the optimal supply chain setup looks like in the future, and the latest developments in sustainable transportation. Our expert and host will share their thoughts and insights on these subjects, providing valuable guidance and advice for businesses looking to optimise their logistics operations.

The agenda of the talk

  1. The future of sea transportation: Are we looking into a stable or unstable future in terms of rates and transportation times?
  2. Are international companies dumping China and moving their production to other Asian countries?
  3. What is happening within the area of green transportation?
  4. What is happening within the alliances of the major shipping lines?

Length: 20:05

About the experts

Morten Kohsel

Morten Kohsel

— Host

Morten Kohsel, Director at Kohsel, brings with him a wealth of experience in international sales, operations management, and procurement. With more than 30 years of experience in the inductive industry, Morten Kohsel has significant experience in procurement, having sourced materials and components from a wide range of countries.

Anders Oldenborg Kristensen

— Expert

Anders Oldenborg Kristensen works as Director, Product Sea Freight, at DSV in Denmark. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Anders has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities companies face in today’s global supply chain market.

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