Logistics play a crucial role in the sustainability movement

Sustainability is a key theme of our time, but a crucial element in the greener movement is to be found in the logistics and supply chain department according to an international study.

A large international study by  Coyote Logistics, a leading global third-party logistic provider, revealed that 81 percent of companies are focusing more on sustainability today than they did three years ago, and that their supply chains are playing a crucial role in these efforts by owning sustainable initiatives across their networks.

“Without a commitment to supply chain sustainability, companies will not be able to compete in the years to come,” was an assertion from the international study.

The green buying habits

58 percent of the respondents said that they are either likely or extremely likely to purchase a product or service from a brand based on their sustainability practice.

And an impressive number of 84 percent were more likely to base a purchase decision on a brand’s sustainability practices.

The green KPI’s

Fuel efficiency, CO2 emissions and personal skills related to sustainability. All these are KPI’s that the respondents are using to track the effectiveness of their overall sustainability program.

Others but less common KPI’s are electricity use, nitrogen oxides and recycling efforts.

Automotive excels

Looking at the different industries of the survey the automotive industry was found to be the front runner with 93 percent of supply chain professionals noting an increased commitment to sustainability. This properly doesn’t come as a big surprise, since there has been a public pressure for more sustainable solutions in this industry.

After the automotive industry comes food & beverage, industrial goods and technology industries.

E-mobility and charging

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