E-mobility and charging

E-mobility needs different types of EV charging stations. Our chokes and filters secure reliable and efficient energy transmission. The use of iron powder cores offers an exceptional combination of low magnetic flux, high saturation flux density, excellent noise suppression and efficient heat dissipation.

Therefore, our high-performance chokes are chosen by customers who are developing the future generation of e-mobility solutions.


A flourishing industry

Why the automotive future is electric:

  • Regulation: Governments continue to introduce legislations and incentives to accelerate the shift to sustainable mobility
  • Consumer behavior: Consumers’ awareness about the climate crises is increasing and consumer habits are changing
  • Technology: Industry players are accelerating the speed of automotive technology innovation

LCL filter choke

The switching action of the battery charger generates total harmonic distortion (THDi) in power output. The LCL filter is used to reduce the harmonic distortion.

Helical winding (Edge winding)

Kohsel design the winding tool required for the helically wound inductor. Helical winding is well-suited to high-current inductors and has excellent thermal properties.

Every day, we strive to unleash the full potential in inductive design. Through our proven process, dedicated engineering and close collaboration, we detect untapped savings and optimisation potential throughout your entire value chain.