The recipe for an effective logistic system

Long and complicated supply chains… Do you recognize the issue?

The longer the supply chain, the more risk. Raw material with flaws, product complications, delays – many issues may occur, when dealing with any kind of supply chain, but the longer the supply chain, the higher the risk of something getting in the way. And in the end this will affect you and whether you are able to deliver your product on time.


All in all, we want security, when dealing with our supply chain, right?

Making sure that we can deliver on time and keep our customers satisfied. And luckily there is a solution to getting more security. The solution is to think in different logistic setups – setups with different delivery times. And delivery time goes hand in hand with liability. So, the shorter the delivery time, the higher the liability and vice versa.

Want to know what the recipe is? Watch this video.

Picture: Unsplash