Our Certificates

Kohsel is committed to providing customers with the highest-quality products, but also aspires to the highest standards of social responsibility and ethical conduct. Our core values support a strong commitment to economic, environmental and socially sustainable development.



ISO 9001

Our management is responsible for making sure that all key processes are continuously measured and improved.
Our Quality system is made in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.


Kohsel A/S manufactures transformers and – in relation to REACH – we are a downstream user. The transformers we supply to you are solely non-chemical goods. Moreover and under normal circumstances, the goods supplied to you shall not release any substance.


Our transformers comply with all the major international electrical safety agencies. As one of the few transformer manufacturers in Europe, Kohsel is recognized by UL for transformers to standard UL506 (General Purpose Transformers) across the whole range from 16VA up to 15kVA.


Our transformers are manufactured with production processes that add or contain none or less than
the allowed maximum concentration of the banned substances as outlined in the 2011/65/EU(RoHS2) and amendment (EU)2015/863.

APQP4Wind Company Member

As the first transformer manufacturer in the world, Kohsel is now a APQP4Wind Company Member. We have completed and passed the examination of the APQP4Wind training. In parallel with the APQP4Wind training, Kohsel have incorporated the APQP4Wind manual into our ISO 9001 Quality system.



ISO 14001

Our Environmental System is a management system that focuses on goals, policies and responsibility with the shared purpose of reducing the environmental impact. This is done through the proactive use of general processes and standardized key processes.

There is a clear expectation of all managers to create an environment culture, where continuous improvement is a natural and shared goal. It is expected that all managers work closely with employees and feel a great responsibility towards creating a culture in which the employees are motivated to suggest environmental improvement activities.

The management of Kohsel A/S has an obligation to work towards continuous improvement of the company’s environmental system through motivation of the employees and by the use of appropriate checklists.

The environmental system is made in accordance with the requirements of DS/EN 14001:2015.

Negative list

Negative list of hazardous substances in transformer parts.

CO2 neutral webpage

All websites emit carbon dioxide, both via the power used by the company’s servers that host the websites and via visitor’s computers and screens. That is why we have chosen to support the CO2 Neutral Website project, because it ensures us that the traffic on our website leaves no negative traces.

Through the project we compensate for our CO2 emission by purchasing CO2 quotas which are then cleared with the Danish Energy Agency.

By supporting the project, CO2 Neutral Website project, Kohsel also supports CO2-reducing projects around the world. All the projects are approved by The Gold Standard, supported by WWF, which is the most rigorous certification standard globally for carbon offset projects.

Conflict minerals

We rely on the information provided by our suppliers regarding their sourcing of minerals.. We require that any products and components that we receive from our suppliers, are not considered to be Conflict Minerals originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The global supply chain is very complex, and the investigation of our supply chain is therefore an ongoing process where we will continue to ensure that Conflict Minerals have no place in our supply chain.

Financial & Organizational


Global Compact

Ever since the company was founded in 1969 we have always had a great focus on our employees’ welfare as well as acting as a responsible company in matters of human and labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption measures. Today this has become a natural part of our company culture.


Our AAA (triple-A) rating represents an especially strong capacity to meet current financial commitments.

Our Management Systems


Environmental Policy

Kohsel A/S is an environmentally conscious company focusing on environmental protection, pollution prevention, continual improvement of environmental management system and enhancement of environmental performance.

Quality Policy

Kohsel A/S is committed to develop, manufacture, and market our products according to customer’s specifications and applicable standards and legislative requirements for delivery at the agreed time.